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Series on Mental Health and Development,
Studies on Successful Midlife Development

Sexuality 1994

Alice S. Rossi                                
1994 Rossi, Sexuality across the Life Course

Table of Contents
  I.  The Biopsychosocial Perspective
       1)  Eros and Caritas: A Biopsychosocial Approach to Human Sexuality and
                Reproduction, Alice S. Rossi
 II.  Sexual Diversity: History, Culture, and Lifestyle
       2 Human Sexuality, Life Histories, and Evolutionary Biology, Jane B.
       3)  Attitudes toward Sexual Permissiveness: Trends, Correlates, and
                Behavioral Connections, Tom W. Smith
       4)  Sexuality among African-American Women, Claire Sterk-Elifson
       5)  African-American Male Sexuality through the Early Life Course,
                Benjamin P. Bowser
       6)  Single Worlds and Homosexual Lifestyles: Patterns of Sexuality and
                Intimacy, Martha R. Fowlkes
III.  Sexuality at Selected Phases of the Life Course
        7)  Getting Started on Sexual Behavior, J. Richard Udry and Benjamin C.
        8)  Changing Lives, Changing Genres: Teenage Girls' Narratives about
                Sex and Romance, Sharon Thompson
        9)  Sexuality, Marriage, and Well-Being: The Middle Years, John N.
                Edwards and Alan Booth
      10)  Age-Related Variation in Sexual Activity and Interest in Normal Men:
                Results from the Massachusetts Male Aging Study, John B.
                McKinlay and Henry A. Feldman
      11)  Sex and Sexuality in Later Life Stages, Judith A. Levy
 IV.  Selected Health Issues
      12)  Effect of Chronic Disease and Medication on Sexual Functioning,
                Raul C. Schiavi
      13)  Sexual Problems and Therapies: A Quarter Century of Developments
                and Changes, Richard Green
      14)  Sexual Offending and Victimization: A Life Course Perspective, Richard
                J. Gelles and Glenn Wolfner         


Carol D. Ryff/Marsha Mailick Seltzer
1997 Ryff/Seltzer, The Parental Experience in Midlife      

Table of Contents
  I.  Introduction
       1)  The Uncharted Years of Midlife Parenting, Carol D. Ryff and Marsha
                Mailick Seltzer
 II.  Demographic and Economic Aspects of Midlife Parenting
       2)  Social Demographic Diversity among American Midlife Parents,
                Nadine F. Marks
       3)  The Economic Vulnerability of Midlife Single Parents, Daniel R. Meyer
III.  Historical and Social Changes and the Parental Experience
       4)  Parental Socialization in Historical Perspective, Duane F. Alwin
       5)  Social and Historical Influences on Parent-Child Relations in Midlife,
                Michael E. U. Wadsworth
 IV. Adolescent in Transition and Their Parents
       6)  Parents' Well-Being at Their Children's Transition to Adolescence,
                Susan B. Silverberg
       7)  Reproductive Transitions: the Experience of Mothers and Daughters,
                Julia A. Graber and Jeanne Brooks-Gunn
       8)  Mothers' Parental Efficacy at Midlife in a Black and Latina Sample:
                Effects of Adolescent change across a School Transition, LaRue
                Allen, J. Lawrence Aber, Edward Seidman, Jill Denner, and Christina
       9)  The Prediction of Parental Psychological Functioning: Influences of
                African American Adolescent Perceptions and Experiences of Context
  V. Parents and Children as Adults
     10)  How Children Turn Out: Implications for Parental Self-Evaluation,
                Carol D. Ryff, Pamela S. Schmutte, and Young Hyun Lee
     11)  The Returning Adult Child and Parental Experience at Midlife,
                William S. Aquilino
     12)  Midlife and Later Life Parenting of Adult Children with Mental
                Retardation, Marsha Mailick Seltzer, Marty Wyngaarden Krauss,
                Seung Chol Choi, and Jinkuk Hong
 VI. Parent-Child Relations in Midlife
     13)  Demographic Position and Stresful Midlife Events: Effects on the Quality
                of Parent-Child Relationships, Debra Umberson    
     14)  Sexual Offending and Victimization: A Life Course Perspective, Richard
                J. Gelles and Glenn Wolfner
     15)  Child Life Events, Parent-Child Disagreements, and Parent Well-Being;
                Model Development and Testing, Rachel A. Pruchno, Norah D. Peters,
                and Christopher J. Burant
     16)  Looking Back and Looking Ahead: Life-Course Unfolding of Parenthood,
                Rosemary Blieszner, Jay A. Mancini, and Lydia I. Marek
VII. Summary and Conclusions
     17)  The Parental Experience in Midlife: Past, Present, and Future, Marsha
                Mailick Seltzer and Carol D. Ryff 


Margie E. Lachman/Jacquelyn Boone James
1997 Lachman/James, Multiple Paths of Midlife Development

Table of Contents
       1)  Charting the Course of Midlife Development: an Overview,
                Margie E. Lachman and Jacquelyn Boone James
  I. Changes in the Self
       2)  The Self in Middle Age
       3)  Stability and Change in the Transition to Midlife: A Longitudinal Study
                of Midlife Adults, Carol E. Franz
       4)  Do Aspects of Gender Identity Change from Early to middle Adulthood?
                Disentangling Age, Cohort, and Period Effects, Rebecca A. Parker
                and Carolyn M. Aldwin
       5)  Themes of Power and Affiliation across Time, Jacquelyn Boone James
                and Corinne J. Lewkowicz
 II. Relations with Others
       6)  Concern with Others at Midlife: Care, Comfort, or Compromise?
                Toni Antonucci and Hiroko Akiyama
       7)  A Longitudinal Analysis of Midlife Interpersonal Relationships and
                Well-Being, Elizabeth L. Paul
       8)  The Generativity of Employed Mothers in Multiple Roles: 1979 and
                1991, Shelley M. MacDermid, Gabriela Heilbrun, and Laura
                Gillespie DeHaan
III. Health and Stress
       9)  Promoting Health and Minimizing Stress in Midlife, Ilene C. Siegler
     10)  Psychosocial Correlates of Women's Self-Rated Physical Health in
                Middle Adulthood, Sandra P. Thomas
     11)  Crisis, Challenge, and Stability in the Middle Years, David A. Chiriboga
IV. The World of Work
     12)  Gender, Employment, and Psychological Well-Being: Historical and
                Life Course Perspectives, Rosalind C. Barnett
     13)  Antecedent Life Events and Consequences for Homemakers and
                Women Employed in Atypical, Typical, and Androgynous
                Professions, Carol Tomlinson-Keasey and Jessica Gomel
     14)  Women's Careers Commitment Patterns and Personality Development,
                Elizabeth A. Vandewater and Abigail J. Stewart
     15)  An Individual Differences Approach to Midlife Career Adjustment: An
                Exploratory Study, Frederick T. L. Leong and Kristin A. Boyle


Richard A. Shweder
1998 Shweder, Welcome to Middle Age!: (And Other Cultural Fictions)

Table of Contents
  I.  The Rise of a Cosmopolitan Midlife Discourse
        1)  Midlife Discourses in the Twentieth-Century United States: An Essay on
        the Sexuality, Ideology, and Politics of "Middle-Ageism," Margaret
                Morganroth Gullette

        2)  Deconstructing the Change: Female Maturation in Japan and North America,
                Margaret Lock
        3)  The Search for Middle Age in India, Sudhir Kakar
II.  Alternative Cultural Representations of the Life Course: Mature
      Adulthood Without Middle Age
        4)  Status Reversal: The Coming of Aging in Samoa, Bradd Shore
        5)  The Return of the "White Man's Burden": The Moral Discourse of
                Anthropology and the Domestic Life of Hindu Women, Usha Menon and
                Richard A. Shweder
        6)  Fertility and Maturity in Africa: Gusii Parents in Middle Adulthood, Robert A. LeVine
                 and Sarah LeVine
III.  Diversity, Resistance, and Conflict Within the United States
        7)  Children of the 1960s at Midlife: Generational Identity and the Family Adaptive Project,                   Thomas S. Weisner and Lucinda P. Pernheimer
        8)  Place and Race: Midlife Experience in Harlem, Katherine Newman.


Alice S. Rossi (editor)
2001 Rossi, Caring and Doing for Others: Social Responsibility in the Domains of Family, Work, and Community

Table of Contents
  I.        Introduction
        1) Contemporary Dialogue on Civil Society and Social Responsibility, Alice S. Rossi
II.    Life Course and Social and Structural Variation in Social Responsibility
        2)    Judgments of One's Own Global Contributions to the Welfare of Others: Life-Course                         Trajectories and Predictors, William Fleeson
        3)    Domains and Dimensions of Social Responsibility: A Sociodemographic Profile,
                    Alice S. Rossi

        4)    Temporal Patterns in Social Responsibility, David M. Almeida, Donald A. McDonald,
                     John J. Havens, and Paul G. Schervish

        5)     Local Caring: Social Capital and Social Responsibility in New York's Minority
                     Neighborhoods, Katherine S. Newman
        6)    Cultural and Contextual Correlates of Obligation to Family and Community among                             Urban Black and Latino Adults, Diane Hughes
III.  Social Responsibility and Human Development
        7)    Developmental Roots of Adult Social Responsibility, Alice S. Rossi
        8)    The Impact of Family Problems on Social Responsibility, Alice S. Rossi
        9)    Themes and Variations in American Understandings of Responsibility, Hazel Rose                             Markus, Carol D. Ryff, Alana Conner, Eden K. Pudberry, and Katherine L. Barnett
IV.  Social Responsibility and Work
       10)   The Association between Chronic Medical Conditions and Work Impairment, Ronald C.                     Kessler, Kristin D. Mickelson, Catherine Barber, and Philip Wang
        11)  The Interplay of Work and Family and Its Impact on Community Service, Alice S. Rossi
        12)   Social Responsibility and Paid Work in Contemporary American Life, Anne Colby,
                    Lorrie Sippola, and Erin Phelps

  V.   Summary
        13)   Analysis Highlights and Overall Assessment, Aice S. Rossi

HowHealthy 2004

Orville Gilbert Brim, Carol D. Ryff, Ronald C. Kessler (editors)
2004 Brim/Ryff/Kessler, How Healthy Are We?: A National Study of Well-Being at Midlife

Table of Contents


1  The MIDUS National Survey: An Overview

2  Sex Differences in Health over the Course of Midlife
3  Socioeconomic Position and Health across Midlife
4  Social Inequalities in Health and Well-Being: The Role of Relational and Religious
        Protective Factors
5  Health, Well-Being, and Social Responsibility in the MIDUS Twin and Sibling
6  The Menopausal Transition and Aging Processes

7   Positive and Negative Affect at Midlife
8   Age and Depression in the MIDUS Survey
9   The Quality of American Life at the End of the Century
10 In Their Own Words: Well-Being at Midlife among High School- Educated and College
          Educated Adults
11 The Adaptive Value of Feeling in Control during Midlife
12 Social Well-Being in the United States: A Descriptive Epidemiology
13 Ethnic Conservatism, Psychological Well Being, and the Downside of Mainstreaming:
          Generational Differences
14 Psychological Well-Being in MIDUS: Profiles of Ethnic/Racial Diversity and 
          Life-Course Uniformity

15 Is Daily Life More Stressful during Middle Adulthood?
16 Psychological Well-Being across Three Cohorts: A Response to Shifting Work-Family
         Opportunities and Expectations?
17 Work, Family, and Social Class
18 Family Roles and Well-Being during the Middle Life Course
19 Social Responsibility to Family and Community
20 Turning Points in Adulthood
21 Well-Being in America: Core, Features and Regional Patterns

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